My name is Tavarish and I make videos about buying, modifying, and breaking cars. I also have opinions, most of which are wrong.

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  1. Private Channel

    Donate that to whistlindiesel

  2. S3xi T-Rexi

    They tinted the headlights so those bright ass LED's don't blind everyone else on the road 😂

  3. Mike Mocon

    The spacers cost more than the car!!

  4. cadillac

    legit kind gesture tavarish. subbed you because of it. :D

  5. Channel for the boys

    Can you do a series on turning the Bugatti into an actual awesome and fast car 🤘

  6. Sami Hamady

    I did a full detail on one of these last weekend check out @car_guy_sam on IG I posted a saved story, looked like a candy apple at the end

  7. Aarya Bhardwaj

    Somehow the more i watch your videos ? The more i don’t skip !

  8. Timothy Thomas

    Kina Looks Like a 90's Grand Am with part of front end missing

  9. Michael Lenoch

    I shook my fists in the air fraught with a sensation of vicarious accomplishment

  10. The Michael

    All cars start out as an idea and empty space. Then people smarter than us, sit down and figure it out, and make things happen and build things like cars and whatnot. We just play with the parts like they are Legos.

  11. Timothy Thomas

    PEAK COUPON REBATE HAS EXPIRED. Be nice if they would renew it. Mine is due for a flush

  12. David Faulkner

    God, that is awful

  13. Steve Gally

    @2:28 a Yugoslav would blow away an unaltered ModelT by. full 2 seconds in the 1/4 mile AND power was not in abundance in the 80’s However,it was not a tenth as successful, so in most ways, the Model T was a better car

  14. Luis Enrique Perez

    Roaches have a right to live in style also.

  15. Evloftis

    the White is goin to look so much better... white body with black wheels goin to look great

  16. William Larkin

    Why does this vehicle remind me of the “Explorers” movie -spaceship-? Maybe it’s the craftsmanship and look.

  17. Stoiss

    Oh wow, a REAL Bugarbage Veyron! I love it Tavarish <3 Keep em comming!

  18. Søren Skarsgård

    Your passion is just obvious, so I thank you for it.

  19. ROVER25X

    "Cleetus McFarland is a friend of mine" Feel sorry for you having a Covid denier as a friend.

  20. ROVER25X

    What car is the dash cluster out of?

  21. Xaltar

    Dude, you have got to do this thing justice. It deserves some love, make it safe, make it fast and spruce her up so she looks like a Bugatti's mini me :)

  22. sadiki kuflin

    how dare you say that shit? it was meant to get you from point a to point b and it did it's job quite well, it was not meant to be a luxury car duh, rest in peace comrade tito.

  23. Aaron D

    I totally would give this thing the love it deserves. Living in Detroit, I love ghettofabulous. 😎🤘

  24. Stranglethroat

    There is a reason the C5 is so cheap. It's a hateful thing.

  25. Ms Ss

    That is not Fiat engine. That is Zastava's engine, licenc by Fiat. Fiat engins is muuuuch beter 😀 I agree with rest of the world, Yugo is one of the worst car ever no mather im from Serbia ( birth country of that crap)

  26. Matthew Branwood


  27. The Michael

    Instead of using the word Door, we can change it to Gate. So it's the Bonnett, Wing, Gates, Windscreen, Boot, Turnydealies (Tyres), Stoppybobbers (Brakes), Forward/Aft Skirts (Bumpers), Cover (Roof), and so on. What about those of us who don't believe in Instagram? How can we see your dreams and Photoshop jobs? I am going into my cry closet now.

  28. Theodore Skreko

    That’s the inside of a gator aid bottle cap, not part of a fueling system 🤦🏼‍♂️

  29. saimyaoz saimyaoz

    Bu nasi bi zevk lan

  30. Davejansma

    Well you officially hit the big time with James May mentioned your "car" on drive tribe....

  31. Andre lemaire

    Give it to Jared

  32. Bagshaw Adventures


  33. Bob Sagget

    Bet oil is full of gas too tbh. I'd check it fosho

  34. Jallball

    would be a cool sand dune buggy :P xD

  35. Freddy S

    Yugo rules

  36. Jason Groom

    Normally I'm not a fan of these body kits, but for fixing a rebuild like this, these are a perfect, probably cheaper than OEM replacement for busted up bumpers and such.

  37. thomas herring

    The nogatti

  38. Dan Druft

    Give it to Demolitionranch

  39. FighterPW

    I saw this in one of Cleetus' video's and was like "Why is that even there?"

  40. Trevor Lennox

    That's the plastic seal for a monster twist off. ( Regarding the fuel return block off)

  41. Ceanu Zhengi

    Whats The name of the song?

  42. arPos Kraft

    @5:20 and a Tetanus shot is probably advised

  43. arPos Kraft

    Friend: "i rather have you give me herpes for christmas"

  44. Add Wheelslip

    Watching Jared in the mudgatti felt like watching Tom Hanks in Apollo 13. LOVE IT!

  45. kolim jone

    The question is how hutch did the previous owner spend on it to make it look like that???🥲🤣🤣🤣

  46. Fraser Thomson

    Oh pleeese

  47. Amantes do Palio

    Quem é que enterra um carro desses? Como sabia que ele estava aí 🤔

  48. Krazy Karl Projects

    With those tires rubbing like that, there may finally be a car slower than my 99 Kia Sportage!

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  50. Karandeep Singh

    Back here after its restoration.

  51. Marvin Mulaudzi

    i wish cars in south africa were this cheap

  52. Matthew Boulter

    Nice Hublot!!

  53. Jimf

    make it a LeMons car...would be great to see racing in a LeMons race

  54. Jimf blue is much lighter than mexico blue which is more like a medium blue.

  55. Matthew Boulter

    why does the lambo look like a small replica?

  56. Jaime Rivas

    Freddy we want to hear u speak spanish

  57. Aaron

    Thats a Booshgatti

  58. nalong55

    "from a distance you wouldn't know it's a pile of junk" LOL

  59. Robert Welchman

    That Stance! My vote is to make it right!! That's badass!

  60. Tim G.

    „I did remove the secondary kats, but I don’t think this is gonna be a problem.“ Tell this to german police 😂😂

  61. Freek Jacobs

    The stock turbos will also be able to get to about 800hp, you did not need to modify the turbos for that, but nice to do while you're in there.

  62. SJ

    That bloody motor makes Jared look like a midget next to it!

  63. Micheal Robinson

    Just think, without that turbo, it probably wouldn't have gone anywhere with those big tires. Lol

  64. Timothy Laurent

    Giving streetspeed 717 a run for the money

  65. Bryan Diaz

    you should call it the bugonda

  66. Unknown Perso

    Freddy=James may Ed=Jeremy clarkson Tyler=Richard hammond

  67. Unknown Perso

    The 675LT is already fast Why not rip off the entire body?

  68. Makizee 6.0

    I don't need a step mum.. Or assistant got me.. I subscribed and liked immediately.

  69. Beaux Guidry

    with a turbo it could do a hundred.

  70. Alex Charles

    Dope now put lambo doors on it lmao

  71. Beaux Guidry

    A Hondatti Vandah?

  72. Domenic Adamo

    I hope someone pointed out to you that this sweeet ride was on an episode of you can Jame"s May"s other show where he judges and comments on his viewer's cars.....congratulations guys....maybe with a few improvements you can get to The Grand Tour !!!!! Congratulations !!!!!! LOLOLOL !!!!!!!

  73. Peter Przybyla

    Is that a D16Z6?

  74. RZero850

    That blue piece of plastic that's out of a monsters energy drink cap LOL

  75. Barbara Dotson

    Tavarish did the only thing one possibly could with that pos


    If anyone didn't see someone tell Tavarish that James May from Grand Tour reviewed this car on SEprom on the channel car tribe i think. Just thought it was awesome!!

    1. PURE IRON

      They posted it 19hours ago and i think the channel is Drive Tribe!

  77. Robert Mcelhattan

    Take it to carmax. I will definitely watch that.

  78. Grenan

    In hopes that you still sometimes read comments on old videos like this... what happened to this build? Did u sell the Porsche or just no time to continue?

  79. Douglas Houle

    that was the saddest lap i have ever witnessed! lol :)

  80. ꧁•Jurgen Boes•꧂

    guess this is the fake cheap way of B-is for build 'Off-Road Lamborghini Huracan '? lol